Kinetic Simulations via Particle in Cell Codes

Two stream instability.


This image represents the phase space of the so called two stream instability. This image has been produced with the novel particle-in-cell code pypi. Pypi has been original developed by A Marocchino and it has been built upon the GAPS advanced experience in plasma simulations. Pypi offers the novel approach of versatility, scalability, flexibility and easy to use; not only to experience users but also for new mind that would like to approach the world of kinetic plasma simulations. The code as also been used as a training tool for some PhD student in ‘accelerator physics’. To make the code portable, flexible, and easy to adapt to any test-case-scenario it is managed and organized by a python overstructure. The image just show the friendliness in producing a phase space output via the visit rending tool.

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