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1 Authors:M.Amar,F.Didone
Title:Homogenization techniques and applications to biological tissues
pubblications submitted on Oct. 18, 2012
2 Authors:M.Amar
Title:Introduzione alla Gamma-convergenza
pubblications submitted on Oct. 18, 2012
1 Authors:F.Didone, M.Giannuzzi, L.Paulon,S.Serra Capizzano
Title:Korovkin Theorems and Applications in Approximation Theory and Numerical Linear Algebra
pubblications submitted on Mar. 14, 2011
1 Authors:M. Degiovanni
Title:Introduzione alla teoria dei punti critici
pubblications submitted on Nov. ,
1 Authors:M. Amar
pubblications submitted on Sep. 30, 2004
2 Authors:R. Natalini
Title:Introduzione ai metodi numerici alle differenze finite per equazioni di evoluzione
pubblications submitted on Sep. 30, 2004
3 Authors:U. Mosco
Title:Measure-valued Lagrangians
pubblications submitted on Oct. 21, 2004
1 Authors:D. Andreucci
Title:Lecture notes on the Stefan problem
pubblications submitted on Jan. 31, 2002
2 Authors:S. Capparelli
Title:Teoria elementare delle Algebre di Lie
pubblications submitted on Oct. 10, 2002

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