Discrete Mathematics (Electronics and Communications Engineering)


Here you will find useful info about this course.

 Class schedule: Monday, 17:00-19:00 in room 5, and Thursday, 14:00-17:00 in room 5, Via Eudossiana.


Class Log 2019


Class Logs from previous years (in Italian):



Diario delle lezioni 2018




Diario delle lezioni 2017




Diario delle lezioni 2016




        Office hours: Room 14 Via A. Scarpa 10, Tuesdays 14:30-16:30.  


Textbook: a new version of my class notes from Esculapio Ed. has just appeared. (https://www.editrice-esculapio.com/capparelli-appunti-di-matematica-discreta/)

The printed version is in Italian, however, an English version of these notes is available on the Esculapio cloud service (https://textincloud.editrice-esculapio.com/).



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