Mathematical papers  WISENET project ING-INF/03 -MAT/05

>>F. Camilli, O. Ley, P. Loreti e V. Nguyen, Large time behavior of weakly coupled systems of
 first-order Hamilton-Jacobi equations, arXiv:1104.5658, Nonlinear Differential Equations
and Applications, to appear.

>>Anna Chiara Lai and  Paola Loreti, Expansions in non-integer bases in communication control problems  
Communications in Applied and Industrial Mathematics (2011)

>>Y.Achdou, F.Camilli, I.Capuzzo Dolcetta, Mean field games: numerical methods for the planning problem, 
SIAM J.Control Optim., to appear

>>Anna Chiara Lai and  Paola Loreti, Robot's finger and expansions in non-integer bases, to  appear

>> Anna Chiara Lai and  Paola Loreti, Robot's hand and expansions in non-integer bases,
 arXiv: 1111.1991,2011

>>Y. Achdou, F. Camilli, A. Cutri', e N. Tchou, Hamilton-Jacobi equations on networks to appear

>>D. Schieborn e F. Camilli, Viscosity solutions of Eikonal equations on topological networks, to appear
Calc. Var. Partial Differential Equations

>>F.Camilli, A.Festa e D.Schieborn, Shortest paths and Eikonal equations on a graph,  arXiv:1105.5725, 2011