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Wednesday, March 2, 2022 - 16:00

Mercoledì 2 Marzo 2022, ore 16 aula 1B1 - prof. Jerzy Weyman (Cracow)


Mercoledì prossimo 2 Marzo alle ore 16 in aula 1B1 il prof. Jerzy Weyman (Cracow) in visita presso il nostro dipartimento fino al 12 Marzo, finanziato da GNSAGA, terrà un seminario di ricerca.

On the structure of Gorenstein ideals of codimension 4.


I will discuss the new approach to Gorenstein ideals of codimension 4, with n generators.

This allows us to construct (by a single calculation, starting from scratch.) the examples of such ideals with 4\le n\le 8 generators. For n=4,5,6 they give generic models of resolutions of ideals of that type (in the sense that each such resolution comens from the generic model).

We conjecture that for n=7,8 these resolutions are also generic models.

The main idea is a construction of a certain generic ring which has unexpected symmetry of the type $E_n$.

For $n\ge 9$ such construction is not possible which indicates that the classification is much more difficult.

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