Data evento: 
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 14:00

  Seminario del Prof V. Maz'ya mercoledì 7 Maggio 2014 alle 14 in aula 1B1.


Titolo: Differentiability of solutions to elliptic equations with non-Dini coefficients

Abstract: This is a survey of results on  the conditions imposed on the coeffcients  of  2nd order elliptic equations in divergence form,  milder than the Dini-continuity, under which solutions must be Lipschitz continuous, or
even differentiable, at a given point, as well as some related topics.

Seminario della  Prof T. Shaposhnikova mercoledì 7 Maggio 2014 alle 15 in aula 1B1

Titolo:Theory of Sobolev multipliers and their applications to differential and integral operators

Abstract: The talk is a survey  of the theory of   pointwise multipliers in
spaces of differentiable functions which was developed
 together with V.Maz'ya.  In particular, we discuss explicit
characterizations of multipliers in pairs of Sobolev spaces,
Bessel potential spaces, and Besov spaces. Sharp results
 on essential norms and compactness properties of the
multipliers, as well as  trace, extension and composition theorems for
 the multipliers are presented.
We also  give  various applications of our theory to differential
and integral operators, addressing such topics as regularity
 of the boundary for elliptic boundary value problems and
 continuity of general differential operators in pairs of Sobolev

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