Data evento: 
Tuesday, November 18, 2014 - 15:30

Seminario - 18 Novembre 2014 - h15.30

Dipartimento SBAI - Aula Seminari della sezione di Fisica


Optical Fiber Gratings for Refractive Sensing

Prof. J. L. Fabris
Federal University of Technology
Physics Department
Curitiba- Paranà - Brazil



Sensing with optical fiber transducers present a variety of advantages compared to more traditional sensing techniques, owing to outstanding characteristics of such devices. Low cost, lightweight and compactness, electrical passivity, self-referencing and facility for integration in optical links moved on the applications from laboratory to field over the last 35 years. This talk presents a few achievements of Photonics Devices and Applications Group in Brazil in the area of optical fiber based refractive sensors. Developments and applications in the field of quality assessment and monitoring of water resources and fossil & bio-fuels are outlined.


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