PRIN 2022 Mathematical Modelling of Heterogeneous Systems (MMHS)

MMHS, is the project PRIN 2022 "Mathemathical Modelling of Heterogeneous Systems " financed by the European Union - Next Generation EU (CUP B53D23009360006 Code of the Project 2022MKB7MM PNRR M4.C2.1.1).

The project is a collaboration among researchers from the Dipartimento di ingegneria civile ambientale, del territorio, edile e di chimica e Dipartimento meccanica matematica management (Politecnico di Bari), Dipartimento di matematica e informatica Ulisse Dini (Università di Firenze), Dipartimento di ingegneria e scienze dell'informazione e matematica (Università dell'Aquila, Dipartimento di ingegneria strutturale e geotecnica e Dipartimento di scienze applicate e di base per l'ingegneria (Sapienza Università di Roma).

The aim of the project is the development of multi-scale mathematical models to characterize their mechanical, thermal, and chemical behavior into a unified framework allowing to understand the main features of systems and predict the effects of microscopic interactions on transport processes and macroscopic behaviors.

The proposed research topics require sophisticated mathematical techniques that will take strong advantage of the diverse scientific background and expertise of the research units involved in this proposal.

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