Data evento: 
Venerdì, 6 Marzo, 2015 - 11:00

Seminario di Calcolo Numerico e Calcolo delle probabilità  (Aula 1B1)

D. Calvetti, E. Somersalo (Case Western Reserve University, USA)

Bayes meets Krylov: preconditioning under determined linear systems

The solution of linear inverse problems when the number of unknown parameters outnumbers the number of data requires handling a nontrivial null space. By restating the problem within the Bayesian framework, a priori information about the unknown can be utilized for enrich the solution with contributions from the null space. In particular, if a Krylov subspace iterative linear solver is used, the additional information can be encoded in the form of a right preconditioned. In this talk we analyze how the right preconditioned changes the Krylov subspaces where the iterates live, and draw a tighter connection between Bayesian inference and Krylov subspace methods. The performance of this Krylov-meets-Bayes approach is illustrated with a few computed examples.



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