Larciprete Maria Cristina

Metamaterials with Tunable Hybrid Phonon Polaritons for Infrared Radiation Managing.

This Project is targeted at both theoretical and experimental investigation of polar metamaterials for tuning and hybridization of phonon polaritons for infrared (IR) radiation manipulation. The research team is composed by 22 researchers and professors from Sapienza University with synergic background in physics, chemistry, mathematics and medicine. We aim to explore emerging 2D polar materials and metamaterials to focus on new phenomena of strong coupling between longitudinal and transverse surface phonon polariton (SPhPs) from systems such as anisotropically porous media and self-assembling materials. To this aim, we acquired an innovative, high resolution, FT-IR spectrometer system with a variable external sample chamber for customized experiments allowing measurements of emissivity spectra with variable angle and polarization state, detection of surface waves propagation at an interface with a dielectric prism (using both Otto scheme and ATR configuration), mapping the reflectance in the kx-ky space, as well as investigating the effect of temperature on polariton resonances. 


High resolution Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer for customized experiments

- Room temperature detector

- High power IR source

- Aperture wheel with many positions (for multiple samples investigation)

- Liquid N2 cooled Detector for reflectance configuration.

- Holder with automatic polarizer rotational unit

- IR Holographic wire grid polarizer (2-30 micron)

- Reflection Units with ATR crystal (ZnSe) with sample holder for flat solid samples.

- Reflectance accessory, 13°-83°, computer-controlled angle adjustment including holder for solid samples and fixed mount for polarizer (w/o polarizer) at adjustable mirror holder.

- High Performance equipped with Spectroscopy Software.


Principal Investigator: Prof.ssa Maria Cristina Larciprete


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