Laboratory for non-destructive analyses and archaeometry LANDA Sebastiano Sciuti

Gruppo di Lavoro

Anna Candida Felici


The laboratory has a long-lasting experience in the field of the archaeometric study of Cultural Heritages. By using non-destructive analytical methods mural and easel paintings, ceramics, metal and stone artifacts, manuscripts books, etc. are analyzed in order to obtain information on the materials constituting the artifacts and on the techniques employed to realize them.

All the equipment available in the laboratory is portable and allows to perform the analyses in situ.

-Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (ED-XRF)
It allows to obtain information on the chemical elements present in the analyzed material and, in some cases, on their concentrations. The spectrometer is constituted by an miniaturized X-ray generator and a silicon drift detector integrated with a multichannel analyzer. It allows the detection of all the elements starting from aluminum with a limit of detection ranging from 102 ppm to 103 ppm.

-UV-Vis-Near Infrared (NIR) Multispectral Imaging system
The system is devoted to the in situ analysis of easel and mural paintings, manuscripts and books. It is equipped with a Peltier cooled CCD camera, halogen lamps, UV and Vis LEDs and a set of 20 narrow interferential filters from UV to NIR. It allows to acquire reflectance or UV induced fluorescence images corresponding to narrow portions of the spectral region and from those to obtain information on the organic and inorganic materials that constitute the pictorial layers or to reveal preparatory drawings and pentimenti.

-UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer
For reflectance and absorbance measurements and spectrofluorimetry.

-Raman spectrometer
Portable Raman spectrometer equipped with a laser at 532 nm. It is used for the identification of chemical compounds.

-Digital radiography system
A portable system that allows to perform a radiography of the artworks without moving them from the place where they are kept.


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