Laboratory for structural, morphological, and electrochemical materials characterization

Gruppo di Lavoro

Alessandro Dell'Era

Mauro Pasquali

Francesca Anna Scaramuzzo


The laboratory houses the following equipment: X-ray diffractometer, BET, Scanning Electron Microscope and Atomic Absorption, represented respectively in figure 1 a), b), c) and d) for morphological, chemical and structural characterization, ball milling, heating/stirring plates, muffles, stove, precision scales, dry-boxes, chemical hood, ultrasound bath, buki, etc. for material preparation, are instead reported, in part, in figure 2 e) and f) and finally automated devices to carry out battery charge and discharge cycles, multimeters, galvanostat-potentiostats, electrochemical impedance (Frequency Response Analyzer) for electrochemical characterization, are shown in figure 2g) and f).


Figure 1: a) X-ray diffractometer, b) BET, c) Scanning Electron Microscope d) Atomic Absorption.


Figure 2: a) Chemical hood, b) Dry-box, c) Frequency Response Analyzer d) Galvanostat-potentiostats.

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