Recent advances in direct and inverse problems for PDEs and applications - 5/7 dicembre 2022 - Aula Seminari (RM004)


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Many models in physics, engineering, economics, biology and medical sciences are described by partial differential equations (PDEs). These applications underlie the vast interest of the scientific community of the applied mathematics towards a wide variety of topics in mathematical analysis such as control, stability, optimization, and identification of parameters in systems described by PDEs. These topics are linked by the study of the dependence of the PDE solution, or of an associated functional, on variations in the parameters involved in the PDE itself.

Moreover, various and interesting real-world problems and models, such as anomalous diffusion of contaminants, are linked with fractional differential equations. While for the context of controllability and inverse problems for classical equations there is vast and exhaustive literature, for nonlocal PDEs there are a large number of open problems and interesting research directions.

Therefore, the topics of this workshop are inverse problems, control theory, and also fractional PDEs. The combination of these three themes within one conference may not be traditional but exactly by that reasons, we are strongly convinced that the mission of our event is to create a forum for leading new trends of the researches, and to provide a stage for fostering the younger researcher and the graduate students of these areas.


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