Monday, October 12, 2009


Fractional Laplacians, Splines, Wavelets and Fractal Processes

R. Delgado, P. Tafti, C. Rabut, M. Unser


Refinable Functions and Shape Preserving Properties

L. Gori, F. Pitolli, E. Santi  


Optimizing Tetrahedral Subdivision Schemes for Finite-Element Applications

D. Burkhart, G. Umlauf



Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Sufficient Conditions for Smoothness of Subdivision Schemes with General Dilation Matrices:

Analysis in the Sup-norm and in the Lp-norms

N. Dyn, V. Protasov, T. Sauer, M. Skopina


Full Rank Interpolatory Subdivision Schemes: Factorizations, Filters and

Encounters with the Multivariate World

C. Conti, M. Cotronei, T. Sauer


From Hermite Subdivision Schemes to Lagrange Subdivision Schemes

J.L. Merrien, S. Dubuc, T. Sauer



Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Proximity Methods in the Analysis of Subdivision Processes

P. Grohs, S. Harizanov, J. Wallner, A. Weinmann


Determining the JSR of Palindromic Matrices

G1-Error Bounds for Proxy Splines

Geometric Subdivision

U. Reif, N. Lehmann, C. Möller


New Trends in Non-uniform Subdivision

T. Cashman, M. Floater, R. Goldman, K. Hormann


Subdivision Schemes for Nets of Curves and Their Analysis by Proximity

C. Conti, N. Dyn, O. Elisha, D. Levin



Thursday, October 15, 2009


Scalar Subdivision Schemes and Box Splines

M. Charina, C. Conti, K. Jetter, G. Zimmermann


From Approximating to Interpolatory Subdivision Schemes

C. Conti, L. Gemignani, L. Romani


Linear Combination of Subdivision Schemes

C. Gérot, I. Ivrissimtzis, M. Sabin