Data evento: 
Giovedì, 13 Novembre, 2014 - 16:00

Aula 2E

Sibel Özkan (Gebze Institute of Technology, Turkey)

On Resolvable Cycle Decompositions

This lecture is in the field of graph theory and will serve as an
introduction to resolvable graph decompositions; graph factorizations.
Methods, applications, and different types of graph decompositions,
particularly cycle decompositions, will be discussed. Hamilton cycles are
particularly popular in the field, and this popularity rises from
optimization problems. In this talk, some Hamilton cycle decompositions
and a relatively new method based on graph homomorphisms and edge-coloring
will be introduced. Other types of interesting cycle decomposition
problems, namely Oberwolfach Problem and the Hamilton-Waterloo problem,
will also be introduced and new results on those problems will be



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