Data evento: 
Giovedì, 30 Settembre, 2021 - 11:00

Il Prof. visitatore Ventsislav K. Valev dall'Università di Bath (UK), terrà un seminario giovedì 30 settembre alle ore 11:00 presso l'aula 2E, edificio RM004.
Qui sotto il titolo e l'abstarct:

Title: Is there a right time for plasmonics?

Abstract: This seminar will focus on three absorbing lines of research into plasmonics, representing three time scales of the physics involved. It will begin with the first experimental observation of a chiroptical effect that was predicted 40 years ago. Next, it will consider the smallest backjets (“nanojets”) ever created and will discuss how they can serve to assemble novel metamaterials. Finally, drawing inspiration from steampunk science fiction, it will illustrate how a vapour stabilization technique can greatly enhance quantum sensors.

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