RESEARCH: Mathematical models and computational methods for multidimensional signal processing

Bruni Vittoria

Mathematical models and computational methods for  multidimensional signal  processing:


Approximation theory and multiresolution analysis

  • Multiscale models and methods for sparse representation and applications in information processing (denoising, compression, feature extraction, enhancement, superresolution, classification, etc.)
  • Computational methods for video processing (motion estimation and object tracking)

Numerical methods for the solution of inverse problems

  • Visual perception-based digital restoration (image and video enhancement, digital restoration of ancient documents and movies, image segmentation)
  • Image quality assessment metrics: definition of novel measures for image quality assessment based on human perception and information theory
  • Numerical methods for inverse problems in magnetic tomography

Methodologies and algorithms for computer aided monitoring: cultural heritage, defense and security, forensics, environment.



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